About Us

About the Company

Founded in 2010, Netaya Jewels has grown to be one of India’s leading online destinations for fine & fashion jewellery. Jewellery is our passion. From our designers and merchandising teams to our helpful customer service staff, our primary goal is to provide a shopping experience like no other. Be it bold and stand out jewellery pieces that will eventually become trendsetters to fine, delicate minimalistic designs, Netaya has got your style and taste covered. Our jewellery is extremely pocket friendly and we make sure that this doesn’t compromise on the quality of our products. The Netaya Collection is smart jewellery - easy to own and easy to wear.

Our Services

We have adopted the e-commerce approach to effectively market and sell our products. At Netaya, we aspire to make the experience a not only memorable one but also quick. Our unique website offers our entire collection and is regularly updated with our latest designs. All designs are customisable. Orders can be placed via email or over the phone. Besides, selling directly through our website, we are also present on across other portals namely Amazon & Flipkart. Netaya has a dynamic management team comprising of 20 personnel with 5-20 years of gems and jewellery experience in marketing, finance and a young team to attend to the newer generation.